Q&A: Can I Deactivate The Squid Proxy in UCS@school Environments


Can I Deactivate The Squid Proxy in UCS@school Environments?


You have an existing filter solution to prevent illegal access to internet content and therefore no need to use the filtering or proxying from ucs@school.


Yes, this is possible.

Option 1

By creating an empty whitelist you can ensure full Internet access for all users. See documentation (German). By default, UCS@school is shipped with such a whitelist called “Unbeschränkt”.
This will allow full access but still configures the clients through DHCP to use the proxy from ucs@school.

Option 2

Remove the wpad option from DHCP service so the clients do not get an automated proxy configuration and therefore are accessing the internet directly.
By default the only DHCP option set is the wpad-option. In case you have configured additional options you have to re-set your option afterwards. Verify only option set is wpad:

DN: cn=schule03,cn=dhcp,ou=schule03,dc=schulen,dc=example,dc=org
  option: wpad "http://schule03ucs.schulen.example.org/proxy.pac"
  service: schule03

To remove the option, do:

udm dhcp/service modify --dn cn=schule03,cn=dhcp,ou=schule03,dc=schulen,dc=example,dc=org --set option=""