Proliant dl380 installing ucs


Hi, has anyone had experience with installing unc on HP Proliant DL380p Server. planning on upgrading hardware looking for some advice on creating a plan for doing so.
mostly want to know if anyone has run across any significant issues.

any assistance would be appreciated

server specs: HP Proliant DL380p Server | 2X E5-2670 2.60GHz | 64GB | P420 | 4X 600GB 10K


It’s always a good idea to use a virtualization like Proxmox… so you can easy make a full backup, like imaging… it’s easy to use and UCS works perfect as VM guest.
By the way - there should be no problem on the Proliant DL380… (I have a customer with the same model)


please explain Proxmox
and why not use ucs as the base OS?

thanks for the info.



please read my post… you can easy make a full backup. In case you have a server crash you can restore the VM System very easy on another server…
Maybe you want to use a windows server too… (for MS SQL or a special windows only software) - you can install the windows machine parallel.
Please google virtualization products like Proxmox… it’s not a must have, but life is easier with it :slight_smile:


item sir
I have run into a snag with getting my server up and running.
perhaps you could assist.
ucs installed but failed to ever allow a login.
these are the versions that server supports
which distribution is closest to Debian.

HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Linux (AMD64/EM64T)

ype: Software - Lights-Out Management
Version: 5.4.0-0(12 Oct 2018)
Operating System(s): Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server (x86-64)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server (x86-64)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (AMD64/EM64T)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (AMD64/EM64T)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

it seems the ilo firmware may need to be updated. My version is ilo 4 2.02 which meets the criteria to connect with the management system.
if you know a way around this to get the OS working. I would like to try the proxmox soft ware.
please respond
thanks rich45



none of the above distris are compatible to debian.
for these Proliant Servers you have to use the debian tool repo from hp
Look at this Howto

Good luck


You were able to install the system? You can see the console login? If you can login on the console, try β€œip a” (please post)… you have to connect the lan cables before you switch on the server.
Please describe how you have installed your server…


thank you sir for responding I will try to answer questions
yes unc 4.4 installed

yes the console comes up. not able to login error login failure.
this in the unc console

not sure what you mean by ( ip a)

lan cables for ilo and one other nic are connected.
dhcp was enabled so both received and ip address

tried to follow the how to but not sure how to get the software on to the system
Ilo has a method but the sh file fails to upload from local location.

able to login to ilo but not able to get it to communicate with HPE

from the ilo interface is there a terminal to add the file.



The console comes up but you can’t login? Strange…
You should be able to login on the console without network… maybe you want to make a screenshot and post it here? I’m longing to know :grinning:


gave up on trying to install on hardware. don’t have screen shot but it was just the green log in page that you always see. now there is another issue with uvmm. error states service is not available when attempting to start the service manually it fails. it shows some logs to look at but access is denied if you can help I would appreciate