Proliant dl380 installing ucs


Hi, has anyone had experience with installing unc on HP Proliant DL380p Server. planning on upgrading hardware looking for some advice on creating a plan for doing so.
mostly want to know if anyone has run across any significant issues.

any assistance would be appreciated

server specs: HP Proliant DL380p Server | 2X E5-2670 2.60GHz | 64GB | P420 | 4X 600GB 10K


It’s always a good idea to use a virtualization like Proxmox… so you can easy make a full backup, like imaging… it’s easy to use and UCS works perfect as VM guest.
By the way - there should be no problem on the Proliant DL380… (I have a customer with the same model)


please explain Proxmox
and why not use ucs as the base OS?

thanks for the info.



please read my post… you can easy make a full backup. In case you have a server crash you can restore the VM System very easy on another server…
Maybe you want to use a windows server too… (for MS SQL or a special windows only software) - you can install the windows machine parallel.
Please google virtualization products like Proxmox… it’s not a must have, but life is easier with it :slight_smile: