Problems with migration from Zarafa to Open-Xchange using imapsync

I am having problems with transferring emails from Zarafa to Open-Xchange. Imapsync fails to create folders on the new server or, possibly, it creates corrupted folders. I made a folder called ‘Test folder’ in Zarafa, ran imapsync, but this folder didn’t show up in OX. If I try to create folder ‘Test folder’ in OX (after sync) the created folder is named ‘Test folder1’ (so apparently imapsync did create something on the new server).

Does anyone know what could be the problem?

Some additional info:
Messages from ‘inbox’ transferred successfully.
Imapsync finishes sync with status 0.

How do you check the existence of the folder in OX?
I wouldnt trust any WebGUI after injecting folders with other tools and would cross-check with a plain IMAP client. Maybe you just have to subscribe to those folders to see them.

You where right, I did have to subscribe to folders. I solved this problem by adding --subscribeall parameter to imapsync. I also had to use --addheader and --idatefromheader to transfer draft messages.