Problems with Kopano and Smarthost

installed on UCS is Kopano, Kopano-Webapp and Z-Push for Kopano. Even Fetchmail is installed.
I want use a smarthost.

In the moment:
Incoming mail I can see in the webmail-client of my provider, after a while the mail is away, but not in Kopano.
in mail.log: Mistake 550 5.7.1 Username and sender doesnt match
Outgoing Mail:
works (in the moment only with one user in the smtp_auth)

The configuration:

  1. UCR - mail/relayhost - (without the port no connect)
  2. UCR - mail/relayauth - yes
  3. create File etc/postfix/smtp_auth - User:PW
  4. postmap smtp_auth
  5. UCR - mail/postfix/tls/client/level

My first question: Where ist the incoming Mail?

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The smarthost Prozess is only for outgoing Mails
For incomming Mail you have to use fetchmail and/or you set DNS MX at your Domain Provider to your kopano server

Fetchmail works, but

What is to do in the configuration?

Nothing to configurate in Kopano or UCS server but the DNS Config where your extern domain is hosted

I have a look at the log-files.
In var/log/ I found:
from kopano-server: LDAP search error: Can’t contact LDAP server …
from postfix: message 550 5.7.1 (message from the top of this threat)

Perhaps I can avoid mistakes by write the two other Kopano-Users in the smth_auth.
I got a postmap-warning … duplicate entry …

No thats not what a smarthost is for.
The smarthost is used to send email from intern mailserver for the hole domain to the extern domain-hoster (for example when you have a dynamic extern IP Adresse from you ISP)

fetchmail is logging to mail.log afaik. You should check this logfile at the time a local message is delivered to see where to ended up.