Problems Joining UCS to AD Domain

I am trying to join the UCS server to our Windows domain
I am running the script /usr/lib/univention-join-ad-domain/bin/univention-join-ad-domain-domain
But after a while I get this error message
Commiting SAM database
/usr/lib/univention-join-ad-domain/bin/univention-join-ad-domain-domain: line 202; 6325 killed
samb-tool domain join $domainame DC U$DCACCOUNT --realm=$kerberos_realm --passord=(cat $DCPWD)

But the server appears as a DC in our windows domain but as unavailable.
How do I unjoin it from the windows domain ? because now it it´s generating lots of sync issues


as the join is not completed, the only option is to remove the Samba System using the AD tools. See for how to do this. Please also note that, due to the saved settings, an repeated join or independent Samba 4 Promotion of the UCS System might not be possible anymore.