Problem: You cannot login in ox webmail due to username or password is incorrect


You try to login in OX and you get the following error mesage:
Error: The username or password is incorrect. (LGI-0006)



This can be for two reasons:

  • The password ist wrong:
    You can try to authenticate against the ldap via console:
    ldapsearch -LLL -D uid=testuser,cn=users,dc=schein,dc=me -W uid=testuser
  • The password for ox is wrong:
root@ox-mail:~# grep ucs.bindPassword /opt/open-xchange/etc/
# Warning: the value "com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.bindPassword" has been set via UCR variable "ox/cfg/" - please alter the UCR variable instead
root@ox-mail:~# cat /etc/machine.secret; echo

These passwords/secrets must be the same!
You can run:
followed by:
service open-xchange restart
to write the open-xchange config set by the UCR or alternativly you can trigger the password rotation via:
/usr/lib/univention-server/server_password_change.d/univention-ox postchange
This is also going to reload the ox service.