Problem: Validation failed during selection of education server


During the join of a news educativ slave a validation error occurs during join.


In the logfile you can find something like this:

2021-01-13 12:11:09,585 ucsschool-join-hook: [INFO] Host is member of following groups: [‘cn=DC Slave Hosts,cn=groups,dc=schein,dc=me’]
2021-01-13 12:11:09,586 ucsschool-join-hook: [INFO] Determined role packages: [‘ucs-school-central-slave’]

So here it is clear, that the slave is not recognized as a edu slave. What was missing was the role.
During join, based on the groups and the role, it is examined what kind of slave is joined.


Append groups and role to the slave

udm computers/domaincontroller_slave modify --dn cn=slave-sun,cn=dc,cn=server,cn=computers,ou=sun,dc=schein,dc=me --append groups=cn=DC-Edukativnetz,cn=ucsschool,cn=groups,dc=schein,dc=me --append groups=cn=OUSUN-DC-Edukativnetz,cn=ucsschool,cn=groups,dc=schein,dc=me
--append ucsschoolRole=dc_slave_edu:school:SUN


If the wrong role was selected during setup, and the initial join failed because of the this or wrong groups, it is recommended to reinstall.