Problem update to 4.3

how long time can that take to update, begining 9:00 swedish time and not finish yet.
First could fellow after 2 hours coming up note
The update is being executed.

Leave the system up and running at any moment during the update!

It is expected that the system may not respond (via web browser, SSH, etc.) during a period of up to several minutes during the update as services are stopped, updated, and restarted.
How long time must wait

Why takes that long time to update from 4.2 to 4.3 my server both local and outside not get respons


did the update finish meanwhile?

As always, the time needed to update depends on so many factors. It is nearly unpredictable.

CPU, Memory, Disk, installed packages and so on…

So if you succeeded, how long did it take (and on which computer)?


I could start apache in terminal and after that could login do last update of 4.3
What I know that update i do was cleaning and fixed my Kopano core to working again.
I not remember i have short memoery with some thing.
But everything working and runing good update too.
Run my system on amd computer with 24 gb memory.
I started from kl 9 swedish time was complette after 7 hours.