Problem: Unable to Install Apps


You are unable to install apps through the appcenter.


Appcenter might report “http error” and when checking the file /var/log/univention/appcenter.log you will notice following errors

  5120 actions.update                   19-03-21 15:09:22 [    INFO]: Downloading ""...
  2302 actions.update                   19-03-21 15:09:27 [CRITICAL]: There was a problem with the HTTP response of the server (BadStatusLine). Please try again later.
  5120 actions.update                   19-03-21 15:15:23 [CRITICAL]: Es gab ein Problem mit der HTTP-Antwort des Servers (BadStatusLine). Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.


The reason is a malformed reply from the server. This might be caused by some “hickups” on the way to or from the server or you use somehow a misbehaving proxy in-between.

Step 1

Check if you have a proxy configured and if this proxy is running fine. If needed unset the proxy variables:

root@ucs:~# ucr search --brief proxy/
apache2/proxy/access/allow: <empty>
apache2/proxy/access/deny: <empty>
apache2/proxy/access/order: <empty>
appcenter/docker/container/proxy/settings: <empty>
proxy/http: <empty>
proxy/https: <empty>
proxy/no_proxy: <empty>

Further details how to configure proxy settings are found in the manual.

Step 2

Simply try again as it might be an intermediate issues somewhere on the connection to the server.