Problem: ucsschool userimport is not possible


usschool userimport shows the following traceback:

Interner Server-Fehler in "schoolimport/ping".
Request: schoolimport/ping

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "%PY2.7%/univention/management/console/protocol/", line 186, in _recv
  File "%PY2.7%/univention/management/console/protocol/", line 296, in handle
  File "%PY2.7%/univention/management/console/modules/schoolimport/", line 62, in init
    self.client = Client(self.username, self.password, log_level=Client.LOG_RESPONSE)
  File "%PY2.7%/ucsschool/http_api/", line 382, in __init__
    setattr(self, cls_name, kls(self))
  File "%PY2.7%/ucsschool/http_api/", line 480, in __init__
    self.resource_url = self.client.resource_urls[self.resource_name]
  File "%PY2.7%/ucsschool/http_api/", line 392, in resource_urls
    self._resource_urls = self.call_api('get', '.')
  File "%PY2.7%/ucsschool/http_api/", line 457, in call_api
    raise ConnectionError(str(exc))
ConnectionError: hostname '***' doesn't match either of '***', '***'

Bug 47911


This problem could occure if you are using lets encrypt certificates.
If external SSL certificates (from e.g. let’s encrypt) are used on the domaincontroller master and master’s FQDN differs from the FQDNs within the SSL certificate, the UMC module “Benutzerimport” threw a traceback. The new UCR variables ucsschool/import/http_api/client/server and ucsschool/import/http_api/client/ssl_verify now allow to specify the correct FQDN used in the SSL certificates resp. to disable SSL checks at all (the latter one is NOT recommended!) (Bug 47911).

ucr set ucsschool/import/http_api/client/server=** 

(and than “service univention-management-console-server restart”).
→ logout and login again → new UMC module process

ucr set ucsschool/import/http_api/client/ssl_verify=false