Problem: UCS5 Installer on bare metal stops at “No common CD-ROM drive was detected.”

I followed thie instructions posted on this subject, however, I was unable to get the installer to fly after multiple attempts. I have v5 and on a dell 1950. I would love to explore this environment however, if I can’t get past the issue with the usb install (asking for cdrom), I can’t. As I stated I followed all the steps posted on the above topic.


Hi @interrupt,

I know my suggestion won’t be a real solution to your problem however, I suspect you might be better off considering this.

Have you considered installing Proxmox and then running UCS as a VM inside? All depending on your hardware, but we are successfully running UCS 5.0-5 on x4 cpu cores and 8gb RAM, leaving the rest of resources free for other tasks.


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I have to laugh because I was considering doing just that. I have a couple servers one with x4 and 8gb, the other one is 128gb ram and i forget the cores. So i’ll install it via proxmox on the 2nd server listed in this post.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just wish that the installer worked (via usb). If nothing else, this should be resolved in my opinion.

Thanks Bart