Problem: UCS@school Import Fails With "source_uid or record_uid are not set"


During the test phase with auto-generated test data your import fails with the following error messages:

Die Prüfung der Daten ist fehlgeschlagen.
UserImportJob #9 (dry run) ended with error.
Read users from input data: 20
Errors: 2
Entry |   User    | Error description
    0 | <No name> | source_uid or record_uid are not set (source_uid=u'hsa365-student' record_uid=None).
    0 | <No name> | More than 0 errors.


When importing users UCS@school needs to have unique user identifiers. Based on this identifier UCS@school can differ between users in order to add new users or modify existing ones.
By default the source_uid is not set by the importer.

For test data you would like to set the value for source_uid to “firstname.lastname” to get unique identifiers. For live data you might set it to a different value according to the tool which creates the to-be-imported users list.

See our documentation for further information. currently we only provide manuals in german.

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