Problem: The URL to reset the password via self-service doesn't work with Single Sign On


When you open the SSO login page and click on the URL “Forgot your password?”
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-03-22 16-25-53
you will see the following page:
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You can configure the URL via UCR on the system where the self-service backend is installed:

ucr set umc/login/links/forgot_your_password/href="https://$(hostname -f)/univention/selfservice/#/selfservice/passwordforgotten"

You can configure three possible URLs/names: “forgot_your_password”, “login_without_sso” and “how_do_i_login”. You can check these out with:

ucr search umc/login/links

After adjusting the link, you’ll get the following page after clicking on the link in the SSO page:
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