Problem: The "favorite site" in the UMC is set to default after updates




You have created favorites in the UMC and these have disappeared after an update again


The UMC favorites are stored in the user object and can be found via univention-ldapsearch:

root@ucs:~# univention-ldapsearch  "uid=Administrator" univentionUMCProperty
# extended LDIF
dn: uid=Administrator,cn=users,dc=multi,dc=ucs
univentionUMCProperty: appcenterSeen=2
univentionUMCProperty: udmUserGridView=default
univentionUMCProperty: favorites=updater,udm:users/user,udm:computers/computer

If the user logs on to another host, the same favorites should apply. However, if one of the modules is not available on the backup or slave, the favorites are reset (deleted).

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