Problem: Systemd logsize configuration 'filesize'


The limitation via systemd is not effective if only systemd/journald/SystemMaxUse: 500M is set.


UCR Variables related to journalctl logging:

systemd/journald/MaxFileSec: 1 day 
systemd/journald/MaxRetentionSec: 12 week 
systemd/journald/Storage: persistent 
systemd/journald/SystemKeepFree: <empty> 
systemd/journald/SystemMaxFileSize: **100M** 
systemd/journald/SystemMaxUse: <empty>


If SystemMaxFilesize is set (default: ), the journal does not grow beyond the limit defined there:

root@master:/var/log/journal# du -hs *
89M	8e21d93a97164202b2f9016c547d76d9

A change requires a restart of the journalctl service (ucr commit is executed automatically).
systemctl restart systemd-journald

It is still unclear, WHEN journalctl implements this change and reduces the logfile accordingly…