Problem:System can't join samba site, because site creation skipped


If your are installed Samba4 on your DC-Backup instead of the DC-Master, with using
Samba Sites and can´t successfully join a system,
for example an replica node and get this message from the join

Running 96univention-samba4.inst failed (exitcode: 1)
Running 98univention-samba4-dns.inst failed (exitcode: 1)

so check the /var/log/univention/join.log for

create_site: looks like there is no Samba4 on ldap/master=‘’, site
creation skipped.

You will be affected from this Bug
Bug 56094


Set this UCRV on the system (example Replica) you want to join and the entry have to be the system, where Samba4 is installed. (example Backup)

ucr info samba4/dc
If another Samba 4 domain controller joins the domain the server to 
join against is determined automatically by default. 
This variable can be used to configure a specific server.

This UCRV is have to be set
ucr set samba4/dc=fqdn (host.domainname from the system where samba4 is installed)

Now the join scripts have to be re-run with: