Problem: Synchronisation Primary Directory Node to Replica Directory Node

Hello all,

I would like to achieve the following: If the primary directory node (ucs1) fails, a replica directory node (ucs-r1) should automatically take over its role for a short time. Some users have roaming profiles, which should also be available in this case.

I have joined the ucs-r1 to the domain and installed the app “Active Directory-compatible domain controller”.
Existing group policies and scripts from /var/lib/samba/sysvol/ on ucs were automatically synchronised on ucs-r1.

Problem: The data from the ucs1 /home directories should also be synchronised on ucs-r1. Interestingly, only a few directories (no files) of a user were synchronised.

The command samba-tool drs showrepl command shows no errors.

Do I have to set anything else so that all data is synchronised?

Thank you very much!