Problem: SPN validation failed


SPN validation failed

Failed to modify SPNs on CN=pc13-204,OU=Windows7,OU=PC,OU=Schein,DC=schein,DC=ig: acl: spn validation failed for spn[MSSQLSvc/PC13-204.schein.ig:SQLEXPRESS] uac[0x1000] account[PC13-204$] hostname[PC13-204.schein.ig] nbname[SCHEIN] ntds[(null)] forest[schein.ig] domain[schein.ig]


samba-tool spn list pc13-204$
does not show the SPN MSSQLSvc/PC13-204.schein.ig:SQLEXPRESS
So you can do this manually
samba-tool spn add MSSQLSvc/PC13-204.SCHEIN.IG:SQLEXPRESS
Make sure you use the domainname in capitals.

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