Problem: Some Of The Students Do Not Get A Class Assigned From HTTP-Importer


Some users do not get a class assigned after the import while it works fine for all other students.


Verify the correct mapping for the classes.

In /var/lib/ucs-school-import/configs/user_import.json you have to configure the mapping:

    "csv": {
        "mapping": {
            "Nachname": "lastname",
            "Vorname": "firstname",
            "Geburtsdatum": "birthday",
            "Email": "PasswordRecoveryEmail",
            "Klassennamen": "school_classes"

While your file to be imported looks as follows:


In the header the file has “Klasse” while the mapping has only “Klassennamen” defined. Thus new users to be added do not get a class assigned. For existing users the class assignment is not changed an therefore looks ok.