Problem: Sie sind nicht authorisiert, diese Aktion durchzuführen


When selecting a specific module (e.g. “Computer room”) with the Edge-Browser, the following error message then appears:

  • Sie sind nicht authorisiert, diese Aktion durchzuführen.
    (You are not authorized to perform this action.)

Error message from the server:*

  • Cross Site Request Forgery attack detected. Please provide the “UMCSessionId” cookie value as HTTP request header “X-Xsrf-Protection”.


Delete the browser Cache:

  1. Go to the three dots top right -> Settings
  2. Go to the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner -> Privacy, Search and Services
  3. Delete browser data -> select items to delete
  4. Time range: total time, check cookies and other website data (should be set)
  5. Delete now, restart browser