Problem: Share Content Is Deleted When A Share Is Removed


When removing a share it’s content gets removed completely. To access data you have to use your backup.


The system is part of an ucs@school domain and you share was residing under the path /home/


As for the automated scripts and for improved data security a share created under /home/ will loose its content totally. This is by design as on classroom changes after a school year the classes should not be able to see the content of the previous classes.

Option 1

Create your manual shares at a different location (i.e. /srv). Thus, the content will not be removed once the share is removed.

Option 2

Unset the related UCR variable so even shares under /home/ will not loose their content. But be aware in this case of the accessibility to data for non-permitted users.
ucr unset ucsschool/listener/oldsharedir/prefixes