Problem: School Admin is not allowed to reset teacher password


School Admin is not allowed to reset teacher password.
When trying to change the passwords of teachers through UMC the schooladmin receive permission denied error message.

Environment (optional)

UCS@school 4.5 or higher


If the user is member of admins-OU, you can set this hook by

univention-ldapsearch -LLL -b "cn=ouadmins,cn=groups,$(ucr get ldap/base)" uniqueMember | sed -ne 's/^uniqueMember: //p'| sort -u |xargs -n1 -d '\n' udm users/user modify --append-option ucsschoolAdministrator --dn

Root Cause oder Investigation (jeweils optional)

Resetting of teacher passwords was incorrectly possible in earlier versions without the option set. This has now been corrected and incorrect configurations now have an effect.


Only the groupmembership of admins-OU is not sufficient anymore.