Problem: Removing a Reverse DNS Zone Forces Replication to Stop by Error


Removing a reverse DNS zone forces replication to stop by error

In listener.log you might see entries like this:

31.01.19 11:39:09.412  LISTENER    ( PROCESS ) : updating ',cn=dns,dc=domain,dc=com' command m
31.01.19 11:39:09.557  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : dntree_del_id: delete failed: subordinate objects must be deleted first
31.01.19 11:39:09.557  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : cache_update_master_entry: storing master entry in database failed
31.01.19 11:39:09.557  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : cache.c:429:cache_update_master_entry mdb_txn_commit: failed: MDB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested page not found (-30797)
31.01.19 11:39:09.557  LISTENER    ( WARN    ) : received signal 6


This is a (currently unresolved) bug.

As a workaround as long this bug is unresolved you will have to re-join your servers which will flush the local listener cache and therefore fix the error in the local database.

Note: In case your join is too slow you might be able to speed it up based on this article.