Problem: Printerdriverupload fails


You have followed these instructions [1] , but you get this error message

Unable to install , x64, Type3 - User Mode driver. Network busy.

or in german:

Ein Treiber , Typ 3 -Benutzermodus, x64 konnte nicht installiert werden
Das Netzwerk ist ausgelastet

[1] Univention Corporate Server


(this worked in a specific environment)
If you have trouble with Windows 10 try with Windows 8.
You have to install the driver locally, before you can upload the driver to the server.
Make sure the ucr variable samba/spoolss/architecture is set properly and you uploaded the driver according to these settings first.


The basic principle: The printer driver upload is just a series of file write operations against a specially named file share.
First test: Test Linux access (if necessary also create a test file, e.g. touch testfile0) and
second test: Access via Samba

su - Administrator
cd /var/lib/samba/drivers/x64/3
touch testfile0

Test the samba share:

smbclient  "//$(ucr get ldap/master)/print$" -U Administrator -c "cd x64/3; put /etc/hosts testfile1"

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