Problem: Printer driver upload for Brother MFC-9142CDN


  • Printer driver upload for Brother MFC-9142CDN repeats asking for driver to upload.
  • After Upload not all functions are available



If the driver upload was successful and you can now print via Windows, but you cannot manage some settings because they are greyed out. You can try the folowing steps (already mentioned here)

  1. Install the printer onto the CUPS server and add it to Samba. → this should already be done via UMC

  2. Install the printer on a Windows machine and enable the required features/functionality. → install the driver not just on the local printserver, but as a local printer on Windows

  3. Using regedit navigate to the key - “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\BrotherPrinterNameHere” . → Select your PrinterName

  4. Right click the key and select “Export” and save it to disk.

  5. Open this new “.reg” file in a test editor (I used Notepad++ but Windows Notepad will work too).

  6. Replace any instances of the printer name with the name given to the printer on your Samba server. → Make sure you do not adjust the driver name!

  7. Save changes and close the editor.

  8. Back in regedit click “File” in the top left corner and select “Connect Network Registry”. → This is important to add the registration key on the UCS server, not in the local Windows registry!

  9. Enter the name of your Samba print server and click “Ok”.

  10. Ensure the print server is selected in the tree on the left and click “File” and select “Import”.

  11. Select the “.reg” file you edited earlier and click “Open”.