Problem: Performance of UCS system is Bad


A UCS system gets very slow and sluggish after a while. Services do not reply in a timely manner and the memory usage is high. After a reboot the server acts fine and speedy again.


To make sure the issue is memory related monitor memory management in UCS with the tool free and watch.

root@ucs:~# watch -n 60 free -m
Every 60,0s: free -m                               ucs: Mon Oct  8 12:25:58 2018

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           4963         452         688          19        3822        4204
Swap:          4959         272        4687

If the “used” value of Swap changes frequently and the swap is used more than approximately 30% you might have to few memory for your system.


Add more memory to the system or reduce the amount of services running on this host.