Problem: Orphaned entries in fetchmailrc

Resolving Orphan Entries in /etc/fetchmailrc

The orphaned entries in /etc/fetchmailrc have been a result of a software bug. For more details, refer to: Bugzilla #56426

Starting from Release 5.0-5 errata888, this bug has been resolved. Consequently, entries will now be properly removed from fetchmailrc upon user deletion.

Cleanup Options

To address this issue, you have two cleanup options:

  1. Manual Deletion: Depending on the file’s complexity, manually delete the entries from the file.
  2. Resync Method: Regenerate the file using a ‘resync’. However, it’s crucial to note the unresolved Bug [Bugzilla #56521]. Currently, the ‘resync’ doesn’t function as expected and simply appends all single-drop entries from the LDAP to the fetchmailrc, resulting in duplicate entries.

Precautionary Steps

Before proceeding with the cleanup, it’s advisable to:

  • Create a backup copy of the file.
  • Replace the file with an empty one (because of [Bugzilla #56521]).

Executing the Resync

Once prepared, execute the ‘resync’ command as follows:

univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync fetchmailrc

Restarting the Service

After performing the cleanup, restart the service using the following command:

systemctl restart fetchmail.service
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