Problem: OPSI in Multischool Szenario


After installing OPSI on a non school Slave, the Samba4 Joinscripts fail.
“No s4connector could be found on master or backup server”


  • Master with UCS school, but without Samba4
  • Educative School Slave
  • OPSI Slave


The first OPSI Server you install in an UCS Domain environment is the OPSI Config Server
Each additional OPSI server is a depot server.
A recommended scenario is an installation of the OPSI config server in the main site, where the Master and the Backup Server are located.
You can install the depot server at a school site, maybe even on the educative schoool slave.


You have to install samba4 (active drectory compatible domaincontroller) on the master. Otherwise, it’s impossible to join the OPSI Config Server slave.