Problem: No Users can login


No users can authenticate or login through any service. No UMC login, no Radius and no Windows client.


In /var/log/univention/listener.log you will see:

02.08.20 06:34:05.844  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : Fatal close(/var/lib/univention-directory-listener/notifier_id.tmp): No space left on device


Free up some space on the filesystem holding /var.

You might check the backup directory for outdated backups:

32G     /var/univention-backup/
root@master:~# rm /var/univention-backup/*2019*
root@master:~# rm /var/univention-backup/samba/*2019*"
root@master:~# du -hs /var/univention-backup/
16G     /var/univention-backup/

Step 2 - Restart the services

systemctl stop freeradius
systemctl stop slapd
systemctl stop univention-directory-listener
systemctl start univention-directory-listener
systemctl start slapd
systemctl start freeradius

Step 3 - Reconfigure holding time for backups

To remove such outdated backups after a year automatically set the ucr variable:

ucr set backup/clean/max_age=365