Problem: No memberOf Attributes in Samba after Update to UCS 5


After Update to UCS 5 the users (seem) to have no memberOf attribute attached anymore

Environment (optional)

UCS 5 comming from UCS 4 with samba ad


Verify if group “Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access” has a security principal attached:

root@dc0:~# samba-tool group listmembers "Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access"

The default looks like above. If there is no security principal attached you need to add one.

root@dc0:~# samba-tool group addmembers "Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access" --member-dn="CN=S-1-5-11,CN=ForeignSecurityPrincipals,$(ucr get samba4/ldap/base)"

The default is AUTHENTICATED_USERS (S-1-5-11) but maybe you want to set ENTERPRISE_DOMAIN_CONTROLLERS (S-1-5-9) as this is not so open and should be enough for univention-s4search and within a big usage scope.
The workaround against printing nightmare in windows AD was removing authenticated users from the group.

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