Problem: No kopano store created for new users


No kopano store is created for new users
This Problem occurs in an older UCS Version, so maybe the solution is outdated by now.


Search for these lines in the CFG

# scripts which create stores for users from an external source
# used for ldap and unix plugins only
createuser_script               =       /etc/kopano/userscripts/createuser
deleteuser_script               =       /etc/kopano/userscripts/deleteuser
creategroup_script              =       /etc/kopano/userscripts/creategroup
deletegroup_script              =       /etc/kopano/userscripts/deletegroup
createcompany_script    =       /etc/kopano/userscripts/createcompany
deletecompany_script    =       /etc/kopano/userscripts/deletecompany

Comment them all out. Then the defaults, which refer to /usr/lib/kopano/userscripts/, take effect.

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