Problem: Nextcloud Complains About "No valid backend available"


In Nextcloud you get an error like this and accessing Samba shares within Nextcloud does not work.

"Es ist ein Fehler mit folgender Meldung aufgetreten:Icewind\SMB\Exception\DependencyException: No valid backend available, ensure smbclient is in the path or php-smbclient is installed. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?"


Nextcloud app version: 19.0.3-0


Nextloud realized the smbclient offers poor performance and decided to switch to PHP smbclient. But enabling this in PHP was missed.
This is a known issue on Nextcloud and will be addressed. As a workaround enable the PHP package manually or install smbclient.

Option 1 (recommended)

univention-app shell nextcloud 
echo '' >> /etc/php/7.4/apache2/conf.d/60-nextcloud.ini
echo '' >> /etc/php/7.4/cli/conf.d/60-nextcloud.ini
univention-app restart nextcloud

Option 2

univention-app shell nextcloud apt install smbclient

Option 3

univention-app shell nextcloud
apt upgrade
apt install smbclient libsmbclient-dev