Problem:Netmask from a network is not editable over the UMC


After you created successfully a network, the netmask is not editable on the UMC.
Maybe that will be necessary because, something wrong happen or you want to be change the network structure.

The Bug 55868 for that issue.

Screenshot from 2023-03-10 20-56-00


For a workaround you can use ldapmodify to change the netmaks with an modified ldif.

At first you have to list your network you want to edit with:

udm networks/network list --filter cn=networkname*

Then create an ldif with the output from:

univention-ldapsearch cn=networkname -xLLL > networkname-mask.ldif

Now use an editor you like, and modify the created ldif file with the netmask you need, for example like this:

DN: cn=networkname,cn=networks,dc=ucs5test,dc=intranet
  changetype: modify
  replace: univentionNetmask
  univentionNetmask: 20

With the modified ldif, you have to use ldapmodify and your ldif file like following command:
ldapmodify -x -D cn=admin,$(ucr get ldap/base) -y /etc/ldap.secret -f networkname-mask.ldif

At least, check the network again an the new modified netmask
udm networks/network list --filter cn=networkname*

DN: cn=default,cn=networkname,dc=ucs5test,dc=intranet
  dhcpEntryZone: None
  dnsEntryZoneForward: zoneName=ucs5test.intranet,cn=dns,dc=ucs5test,dc=intranet
  name: default
  netmask: 20

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