Problem: My ucr commit does not build or update a file


My ucr commit does not build or update a file


The explanation for using templates in general in UCS is awesome, so I hope I am allowed to quote this:

" A configuration file is created from either a single, big template file or from multiple partial template files. The templates are always located in one of the sub-directories of /etc/univention/templates/files . Those templates have to be registered with the templating system so that the system knows which template files form which configuration file. This information is stored in files in the directory /etc/univention/templates/info . Yet another file, /etc/univention/ , describes which variables exist in the first place."

Check for changes or adjustments and newer config files, which can prevent the automatic build via ucr commit:

find /etc/univention/templates/files -name '*.dpkg-new' -o -name '*.dpkg-dist'
find /etc/univention/templates/info -name '*.dpkg-new' -o -name '*.dpkg-dist'

Check if recommendet files, in case of slapd.conf build, all ldapacl* files are available.


If you find a *.dpkg-dist file, than check for differences and manual changes and use the new file (acording to the timestamp of the file)

If files are missing make sure you can get them e.g from a backup server.

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