Problem: Mailquota warning but no quota is configured


There is no mail quota configured but user/s receive a mail quota warning.


In order to have no mail quota a user must have the attribute univentionMailUserQuota set to 0. Check all your users for that attribute.

To display all mail users without univentionMailUserQuota attribute might use the following LDAP search

root@ucs:~# univention-ldapsearch -LLL "(&(objectClass=univentionMail)(!(univentionMailUserQuota=*))(!(sn=none))(!(univentionObjectFlag=hidden)))" \
  dn | sed '/^$/d;s/dn: //'


Add the univentionMailUserQuota attribute to all needed users

udm users/user modify --dn "<USER-DN>" --set "mailUserQuota=0"