Problem: Mac OS X Join fails


The command line based join of a Mac OX based client according to our documentation fails as follows:

dsconfigad -a mac01 -domain multi.ucs -ou "cn=computers,dc=multi,dc=ucs" -u "uid=lars,dc=multi,dc=ucs" -mobile enable

dsconfigad: Authentication server encountered an error while attempting the requested operation. (5202)


Make sure the following applies when joining a MAC to the UCS domain:

Part 1

  • -u Administrator
    Make sure you use a real administrative account (i.e. “Administrator”) and not a default user account
    Additionally enter the username as simple username, not as distingueshed name (DN).

  • TimeSync
    Make sure there is no time gap between the two computers. MacOS should use ntp-Servers.

  • Check logfile /var/log/opendirectoryd.log