Problem: log messages "load_auth_module: can't find auth method guest!"


log.smbd repeatedly show this message:

[2022/12/19 01:02:03.123456,  0] ../../source3/auth/auth.c:441(load_auth_module)                                                                                
 load_auth_module: can't find auth method guest!


Check if the samba parameter “auth methods” has been explicitly configured

testparm -s --parameter-name="auth methods" 2>/dev/null

e.g. via this UCR variable:

ucr search "samba/global/options/auth methods"

If it shows the value guest then replace it by anonymous, e.g. by running

ucr set samba/global/options/"auth methods"="$(ucr get samba/global/options/"auth methods" | sed s/guest/anonymous/)"

And then reload the samba configuration by running

smbcontrol all reload-config

This is a per host solution and needs to be checked/repeated on each system running samba, where the samba parameter “auth methods” has been explicitly configured. If this has been done via UCR policy, the policy should be checked and adjusted accordingly.