Problem: LDAP Server Daemon (slapd) Does Not Start Any More With "bus error"


Your OpenLDAP server process slapd does not start any more.


By starting the slapd manually (/usr/sbin/slapd -h "ldapi:/// ldap://:7389/ ldaps://:7636/") you will get the following error message:
Note: You might use the full debug for starting the slapd but this will print loads of debug messages to your console. Just add “-d -1”.

Jul 02 23:47:37 master091 slapd[17634]: Starting ldap server(s): slapd > ...failed.
Jul 02 23:47:37 master091 slapd[17634]: Bus error 
Jul 02 23:47:37 master091 slapd[17634]: .


This bus error may indicate a problem accessing memory. There is one known issue in the OpenLDAP slapd software, which can result in this error, which we will fix in an upcomming Errata update. Until then, you may need to decommission your UCS server and install from scratch and re-join.

Please note that a bus error may generally also be a symptom of other issues, like a hardware defect or a filesystem corruption.

If the affected server is a UCS Master you have the option to perform the backup2master procedure and decommission the previous UCS Master.