Problem: LDAP Server Daemon (slapd) Does Not Start Any More With "bus error"


Your OpenLDAP server process slapd does not start any more.


By starting the slapd manually (/usr/sbin/slapd -h "ldapi:/// ldap://:7389/ ldaps://:7636/") you will get the following error message:
Note: You might use the full debug for starting the slapd but this will print loads of debug messages to your console. Just add “-d -1”.

Jul 02 23:47:37 master091 slapd[17634]: Starting ldap server(s): slapd > ...failed.
Jul 02 23:47:37 master091 slapd[17634]: Bus error 
Jul 02 23:47:37 master091 slapd[17634]: .


As a bus error usually indicates a hardware error you will have to decommission your server and install from scratch on new hardware and re-join.

In case this error appears on a virtual machine your virtual machine filesystem is somehow corrupted. Possibly due to some hardware issues on the host server. You will have to reinstall from scratch and re-join.

If the affected server is an UCS master server you have to perform a backup2master procedure and decommission the previous master server.