Problem: Kopano user missing attribute "kopanoAccount" since upgrade UCS


Since the upgrade from the DC-Master to UCS 5.0-x and the DC-Slave is still on 4.4-x, my new created users don´t could login into Kopano. Because the new users are missing the attribute kopanoAccount

The output from the new created user looks like this:
univention-ldapsearch uid=NewUser | grep kopano

kopano4ucsRole: none
kopanoResourceType: none


On the DC-Slave where you installed the Kopano system, you have to do the following run scripts, to trigger the that will add the missing attribute

univention-run-join-scripts --force --run-scripts 70kopano4ucs-udm.inst

You need and User with Domain Admins rights like the Administrator, to run the script successfully!

At least check if it works with an univention-ldapsearch again

univention-ldapsearch uid=NewUser| grep kopano

kopano4ucsRole: user
kopanoResourceType: none
kopanoAccount: 1
kopanoAdmin: 0
kopanoSharedStoreOnly: 0
objectClass: kopano-user