Problem: Kelvin-api Joinscript fails


Kelvin-api Joinscript fails with
FAIL: OpenAPI client library in Docker container still not usable!


check via udm

udm users/user |grep 'users/user options' -A7
users/user options:
  default                          POSIX, Samba, Kerberos and mail account
  pki                              Public key infrastructure account
  ucsschoolStudent                 UCS@school Student
  ucsschoolTeacher                 UCS@school Teacher
  ucsschoolStaff                   UCS@school Staff
  ucsschoolAdministrator           UCS@school Administrator
  ucsschoolExam                    UCS@school Examuser

You should have these schoolRoles.


Make sure the ucsschool Wizard is properly and completely run through.

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