Problem: ITSLearning not working after an upgrade from the App


It is not possible after an upgrade from the ITSLearning app to use it anymore.
The login on the web interface is then not possible with the customers domain.
(The graphical part from ITSLearning is provided from itslearning itself, not from UCS)


:white_check_mark: Reinstall ITSLearning via UMC
:warning: Do not try to install via the command line with univention-app install
→ The domain assigned to the customer from itslearning must be filled in and also a key that is converted as described in the installation process from the vendor.


  1. Check the ouput from all running docker container
    docker ps
    Output should look like:
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                                                         COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                 PORTS                               NAMES
3e2727c21c81                                 "/sbin/init"             3 hours ago         Up 3 hours                                                 awesome_lamport
  1. Execute command to jump into the docker container univention-app shell itslearning
  2. Change to the working dir in the docker container cd /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/itslearning/
  3. Check the content from the directory ls -al
  4. Look into the logfile for example: less log20221122101810.txt (the timestamp in the filename differs in your system)
  5. Check within the docker container the setup file cat /etc/setup.itslearning Something is wrong here if its empty
  6. Decision was made to re-install the App (No persistent data will be lost)
  7. Step from “Solution” was done

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