Problem: Invalid credentials. Password change failed


A user is shown the following Error Message.

Invalid credentials. Password change failed.
Ungültige Zugangsdaten. Passwortwechsel fehlgeschlagen.


  1. user logges in
  2. user fills in the expired password
  3. user gets the message “password expired, please change here”
  4. Invalid credentials. Password change failed.


UCS-Master without samba BUT AD-connection to Microsoft AD-server NOT in AD member mode


Make sure you have set both ucr varaibles:

ucr info ad/reset/username
ad/reset/username: <empty>
 Username, which is used in the self-service to change password in active directory environments.
 Categories: self-service
ucr info ad/reset/password
ad/reset/password: <empty>
 Path to a file which contains the password for the active directory user from ad/reset/username.
 Categories: self-service

The user have to be a member of “Domain Admins”, or similarly highly privileged.