Problem: Installation of Master AdminDiary Backend Stalls


The installation of the AdminDiary backend stalls for long time


Step 0

Abort the installation process through UMC

Step 1

Verify mysql/ mariadb server is installed.

root@master:~# dpkg -l | grep -E "maria|mysql"
ii  mariadb-server-core-10.1    10.1.41-0+deb9u1    amd64        MariaDB database core server files

You see the server package “mariadb-server” but the integration package “univention-mariadb” is missing.

Step 2

Remove database server.
If not other app is using the mariadb server remove it. Otherwise perform a backup of the according database (ie with mysqldump).

root@master:~# apt remove mariadb-server
root@master:~# apt purge mariadb-server
root@master:~# univention-install univention-mysql

Step 3

Remove the half-installed AdminDiary app.

root@master:~# apt remove admindiary-backend

Step 4

Re-install database
root@master:~# univention-install univention-mariadb

Step 5

Re-Install AdminDiary
root@master:~# univention-app install admindiary-backend