Problem: In OX "display_name" is a mandatory field


You are getting errors in UMC and/ or listener.log:

com.openexchange.admin.rmi.exceptions.InvalidDataException: Field "display_name" is a mandatory field and can't be set to null.


This is a known bug of the OX-App-Suite with versions earlier than 7.10.3-ucs3.

Step 1

Upgrade your app to 7.10.3-ucs3.

Step 2

Display the current users with the faulty attributes in the listener queue with /usr/share/univention-ox/manage_listener_queue --list:
Write them down!

root@ucs-ox:~# /usr/share/univention-ox/manage_listener_queue --list
Date                |  Module  | * |        Name        |       Timestamp
2020-05-14 11:09:07 | user     | m | v2344              | 1589447347.9854829311
2020-05-19 13:51:01 | user     | m | q8274              | 1589889061.6214749813
2020-05-19 13:51:25 | user     | m | b0504              | 1589889085.6683609486
(*) The command (a/m/d/n) is only available for user and group objects.

Step 3

Remove the objects by
/usr/share/univention-ox/manage_listener_queue --delete

Step 4

Modify the above notes users in UMC by editing their descriptions. This will trigger a resync of the user object to OX and fix the attribute issue.

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