Problem: Imported Computers Do Not Appear in Classroom


Computers having been imported do not appear in the classroom module.


UCS has a migration script /usr/share/ucs-school-import/scripts/migrate_ucsschool_roleswhich makes sure the objects have the correct objectClass.

Use the tool according to it’s usage info:

root@master:/usr/share/ucs-school-import/scripts# ./migrate_ucsschool_roles -h
usage: migrate_ucsschool_roles [-h] [--modify] [--force] [--schools SCHOOLS]
                               [--all-objects] [--school-groups]
                               [--class-shares] [--work-group-shares]
                               [--computer-rooms] [--school-classes]
                               [--servers-central] [--servers-school]
                               [--computers-school] [--users] [--work-groups]

Set ucsschoolRole property on UCS@school objects (users, work groups, school
classes, computer rooms, class shares, school servers) and central server

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --modify             Enable writing of modifications to LDAP. If unset, the
                       default is to make a dry run.
  --force              Overwrite existing role data. If unset, the default is
                       to not modify objects that already have data in the
                       role attribute.
  --schools SCHOOLS    Comma separated list of OUs whose objects should be
                       modified. If unset all OUs will be modified.
  --all-objects        Modify all UCS@school objects.
  --school-groups      Modify UCS@school specific group objects.
  --class-shares       Modify UCS@school class share objects.
  --work-group-shares  Modify UCS@school work group share objects.
  --computer-rooms     Modify UCS@school computer room objects.
  --school-classes     Modify UCS@school school class objects.
  --servers-central    Modify central server objects (DC master, DC backup, DC
                       slave, memberserver).
  --servers-school     Modify UCS@school school server objects (DC slave admin
                       & edu, memberserver).
  --computers-school   Modify UCS@school school client computer objects (Win,
                       IP managed and Mac OS computers).
  --users              Modify UCS@school user objects.
  --work-groups        Modify UCS@school work group objects.

Logfile: /var/log/univention/ucsschool-roles-migration.log

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