Problem: I Removed ntp And Now My UCS Will Remove All Univention Packages


I removed the ntp (network time protocol) package from my UCS server by accident and now most of the Univention packages appear as “rc” in apt and will be remove the next run.
This will cause the UCS server to be out of service very soon.


As time synchronization is very important for any Kerberos based authentication system the ntp package is vital for UCS to work properly. Take care not to remove the package at all!

root@ucs:~# dpkg -l
rc  univention-config-registry                          12.0.1-5A~                     all          UCS transitional package - base configuration
rc  univention-samba                                    10.0.3-6.524.201705221910                        all          UCS - Samba domain controller
rc  univention-system-setup-boot                        9.0.7-4.1015.201702221607                        all          Starting univention-system-setup on next boot


You might be able to recover from this scenario by re-installing the “rc” marked packages with the “apt-get” command:

apt-get install --reinstall univention-samba

and repeat the above step for every package marked “rc”.

The safe way is to re-install your UCS server as due to now missing dependencies the next update may fail.