Problem Gucamole

HI guys, i am from Brazil. Sorry for my english.
What is the password and user do App Guacamole?

Thank you.


welcome to Univention Help. You can specify, which shall have access to the Guacamole App. It is described in the app itself. To find it:

  1. go the UCS portal page by typing the ip address or hostname of your UCS system into the browser address field
  2. login to the UCS management system
  3. Open the App Center and select the installed Guacamole App

The app details show further instructions for the app configuration. I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Hi Gulden,

Tnak you, i installed guacamole app, When I will log into app, i can not, i know employ the guacamole in others servers, at the UCS, same create other user and added at the app. I can not log in as administrator. I can not access where I configure the machines for remote access.Sorry for my english