Problem: Dovecot won't move mailbox when mailPrimaryAddress is changed


When changing the mailPrimaryAddress of a user you expect all mails to be moved to the new mailbox but instead a new mailbox is created.

04.01.19 10:07:14.896 LISTENER ( PROCESS ) : updating ‘cn=jim.boy@domain.tld,cn=mailPrimaryAddress,cn=temporary,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=tld’ command a
04.01.19 10:07:14.914 LISTENER ( WARN ) : replication: Can’t contact LDAP server: retrying
04.01.19 10:07:14.929 LISTENER ( PROCESS ) : updating ‘uid=jim,cn=users,dc=domain,dc=tld’ command m
04.01.19 10:07:15.007 LISTENER ( PROCESS ) : dovecot: Move mailbox: Source directory (’/var/spool/dovecot/private/%d/%n’) does not exist. Nothing to do for mailbox move
(‘jim.button@domain.tld’ -> ‘jim.boy@domain.tld’).
193 cache entries flushed
04.01.19 10:07:15.014 LISTENER ( PROCESS ) : dovecot: Renamed/moved mailbox ‘jim.button@domain.tld’ to ‘jim.boy@domain.tld’.


Check for modified templates

root@ucs:~# univention-check-templates
WARNING: The following UCR files are modified locally.
Updated versions will be named FILENAME.dpkg-*.
The files should be checked for differences.


Revert all your changes to default, else the Listener can’t process some functions and will fail unpredictable.