Problem: Dovecot Quota warnings are not delivered

Problem: Dovecot Quota warnings are not delivered

Quota warnings are configured in Dovecot but no delivered into users inbox


Mailbox Hard-Quota: 100MB
Quota-Warning 1: 80%
Quota-Warning 2: 90%


Quota mails are delivered after the quota is reached.

Related to our example:
If a 22MB email arrives at a mailbox level of 79MB, the mailbox limit is reached before either of the two quota warnings can be sent.

Since quota warnings are treated internally like regular mails, they are also no longer delivered due to the limit being reached.


Change the quota-warning-level 1 to something near 60% and the quota-warning-level 2 to something near 70% or increase the mailbox-quota-limit to something near 120MB