Problem: Doveadm Sync Reports Errors About Sieve Scripts


You are syncing your OX/ dovecot mailboxes with “doveadm sync” but it complains every run:

Error: Mailbox INBOX: Failed to get attribute vendor/vendor.dovecot/pvt/server/sieve/files/Open-Xchange: Mailbox attributes not enabled


Dovecot can deal with metadata in it’s mailboxes.
Doveadm sees these files as annotations or metadata. But the use of metadata is by default disabled in dovecot.

Enable this setting by adding a configuration file /etc/dovecot/conf.d/99-metadata.conf:

# Store METADATA information within user's Maildir directory 
mail_attribute_dict = file:%h/Maildir/dovecot-attributes 
protocol imap { 
      imap_metadata = yes 

Note: This setting is not controlled by UCS so an upgrade might revert or cause some configuration issues after an upgrade. Verify settings after every upgrade.